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Mount Edziza Traverse »

Dates: Summer 2013
Trek through the mysterious volcanic plateaus, flying from Iskut into Buckley and out of Mowdade Lake.

The Donjek Route in Klune Park, Yukon »

Dates: Summer 2013
A demanding ten day trek over high passes through the tundra burning red in fall colours, with the icy giants of the Saint Elias Mountains behind.

Howson & Kitnayakwa Peaks »

Dates: Summer 2013
In Canadian climbing history, the Howson Range has long haunted peoples’ imaginations. Remote and big, with a tragic first ascent.

Weesxanist Peak »

Dates: Summer 2013
The highest point in the magnificent Seven Sisters.

Babine Mountains Traverse »

Dates: Summer 2013
Traverse the valleys and ridges of the Babine Mountain Range from Silver King basin to Harold Price cabin.

Howson Range »

Dates: currently no trip is scheduled
The Howson Range is best explored from the comfortable base of Burnie Glacier Chalet. 

Mount Logan Expedition »

Dates: Summer 2013
While Mt. Logan, stands above all else, the park is also known for brilliant displays of colour in the changing seasons. This is Canada’s highest peak, very serious and remote. 

Explore the awe-inspiring mountains of Northwestern British Columbia and the Yukon!

These are remote and magical places, perfect for days of travel on foot and nights under the stars. We want to take you there!

The Saint Elias Mountains in the Yukon’s Kluane Park are the best-kept secret in the mountaineering world.

Mount Logan (5959 m), Mount St. Elias, Mount Steele (5073 m) and countless others are among the world’s biggest and most remote mountains.

There are no crowds here like on Denali! Join us on one of these serious climbs.

Experience the solitude of the volcanic plateaus and high-altitude deserts of Mount Edziza. Learn the secrets of the Tahltan’s ancient obsidian quarries in the tundra. The lucky ones will witness a caribou at rest on the glacier. 

The trekking season concludes with the wonderful trip through the burning-red tundra of Kluane Park in September.

blockquote The terrain is unreal, the hut is top-notch, the guiding was fantastic!blockquote-end
BrettF, Golden Co