It's big. Much of it is alpine and glaciated. It appeals to stronger skiers.


A backcountry lodge in Canada that offers all the charm of a European mountain hut - all to yourself!


The view is beyond anything you've ever seen.


Burnie Glacier Chalet is easy to get to - leave Vancouver in the morning and ski in the afternoon!

Bear Mountaineering

Welcome to the Burnie Glacier Chalet. Far north and west of all other British Columbia lodges, we have been a hot tip for years. And we intend to stay so! Please have a look around. The calendar is usually quite accurate, but please contact us if the week you want is full. The 2023 season is fully booked and we are taking bookings for 2024. There are sometimes openings, and things can change.  Watch the video, send us a message, and soon we may be skiing or climbing together. The mountains are always waiting.

Covid updates

No, Covid is not done with us. Here is how we are trying to keep all of us - you the guests, us the staff - safe while having a great time in the mountains.

We expect everyone who comes to the lodge to be fully vaccinated. That is two shots of an approved vaccine that requires two shots, or one single shot vaccine. We will provide rapid tests at the hangar, just before you board the helicopter. If you produce a positive result, we'll ask you to do a second test. If that is positive again, you cannot come.

If you have a valid medical reason to not be vaccinated, please contact me.

If you have entered Canada just before going to the lodge, please show us the results of the PCR test you had to do. That will be acceptable.

Winter 2022/ 2023

The upcoming season is fully booked. Please write to find out where the remaining few spots are.

Winter 2024

It does feel strange to book so far into the future, but that is what we are doing now. There is still quite a bit open, but the bookings are coming in. Please write or call to secure your spot.


Christoph and Sean did an amazing job of always finding perfect lines for us. Burnie Chalet is in an amazing location with fantastic scenery and ski terrain. Wonderful touring with the best skiing of my life.

Torsten Lyon, Nashville TN