The ultimate backcountry experience in the mountains of northwestern BC.


When the powder is super deep, we take to the trees!


A culturally modified tree along the trail from lake to lodge.


Burnie Glacier Chalet is easy to get to - leave Vancouver in the morning and ski in the afternoon!

Bear Mountaineering

Welcome to the Burnie Glacier Chalet. Far north and west of all other British Columbia lodges, we have been a hot tip for years. And we intend to stay so! Please have a look around. The calendar is usually quite accurate, but please contact us if the week you want is full. There are sometimes openings, and things can change.  Watch the video, send us a message, and soon we may be skiing or climbing together. The mountains are always waiting.

Covid updates

By June of 2021, it looks like an end to the pandemic is in sight. Just when we got used to masks and distancing! Just kidding. It feels like a large weight is slowly lifting off us. We look forward to seeing our friends and guests again. And they are coming: the lodge is fully booked for 2022, and we are taking bookings for 2023. This coming winter, we will ask that all our guests and staff are vaccinated, but we will not ask you for documentation. No one knows yet when the borders will reopen, and how cross border travel will look. But it is reasonable to assume that our US guests will be able to come, and we sure look forward to that.

Winter 2021/ 2022

The upcoming season is almost fully booked. Please write to find out where the remaining few spots are.

Winter 2023

It does feel strange to book so far into the future, but that is what we are doing now. There is still quite a bit open, but the bookings are coming in. Please write or call to secure your spot.


There is nothing like being sucked uphill in the vortex of Christoph’s mountain love.

Gary Maltin, Terrace BC