A backcountry lodge in Canada that offers all the charm of a European mountain hut - all to yourself!


Burnie Glacier Chalet is easy to get to - leave Vancouver in the morning and ski in the afternoon!


A culturally modified tree along the trail from lake to lodge.


Northern BC is like nothing you've ever experienced - big mountains, rich culture & more bears than people!

The Chalet

The Burnie Glacier Chalet is a backcountry lodge in Canada that offers all the charm of a European mountain hut, but instead of sharing it with dozens of others, you and your friends can enjoy the best backcountry ski mountaineering, climbing, or hiking Canada has to offer – all to yourselves! Our operating area is legally designated as “non-motorized”. And the best part: we are easy to access. Fly into Smithers on Air Canada or ski, hike, or climb the very next day!

Sleep well. Eat well. and PLAY LIKE MAD.

The bright and cozy post and beam lodge sleeps ten guests, two guides, and one cook. It has double rooms only.

  •  two rooms with a double plus single bed (for couples or families or just two guests)
  •  sauna
  •  kitchen – where it all happens in the evenings
  •  wireless internet (limited!)
  •  comfy beds & warm duvets
  •  children & babysitters welcome
  •  equipment rentals

Thanks and gratitude go to the Wet’suwet’en House of Kwees for allowing Burnie Glacier Chalet to be built in their territory. And thanks to the many local craftsmen who volunteered hours of labour to help build the chalet with supplies of local wood.

This winter...you can ski harder at 6am knowing the sauna's hot at 6pm.

After a day of backcountry ski mountaineering in Canada, pushing peaks and carving big turns through massive slopes of untouched powder, you will find yourself lounging around the beautiful dining table while wood crackles in the cookstove and a dinner simmers on top. Get ready to indulge in a gourmet meal or kick back with a cold beer in the cedar sauna at the Burnie Glacier Chalet.

There is nothing like it for hundreds of miles. This is BC‘s most northwesterly mountain lodge.

This winter, we are offering a new Intro to Ski Mountaineering Course. If you are a skier, but have not ventured into the wild mountains before, this is your chance to learn it all. Avalanche skills (RAC course included), the art of uphill skiing, glacier travel, navigation … all at a somewhat slower pace than a guided trip. Check out our Ski Mountaineering Courses

Summertime is...wilderness at your doorstop.
Immerse yourself in a naturalist’s paradise. When the mountain meadows and rocky slopes of the Howson Range are carpeted with wildflowers, their riotous colours add life to a majestic landscape of dark rock and blue ice.

Caribou, grizzly bears, marmots, moose and wolverine are at home in these mountains. We’ll tread carefully among them, respecting their place.
Thanks to a consensus decision made by local planners, these spectacular mountains on the lee side of the Coast Range are now a Class A Provincial Park. It’s called tazdli Wiyez Bin, a lake of waters rushing in Wet’suwet’en. But you can also call it Burnie – Shea.

By Day...

  •  Rock Climbing & Courses
  •  Private Hikes & Guided Hikes (easy & challenging)
  •  Mountaineering & Courses
  •  Glacier Travel & Courses
  •  Spectacular Glacial Walks, Glacial Lake
  •  Nearby Lake for Canoeing & Fishing

...and at Night

  •    Warm and Comfortable Burnie Glacier Chalet
  •    Cedar Sauna
  •    Gourmet Meals


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My husband and I did the second half of the Donjek River route with Christoph Dietzfelbinger of Bear Mountaineering in 2010. This was our first trip with him but not our last, as we intend to do another in 2011. The trip was a complete success thanks to his expertise, organization, and personality. The equipment and food were great, his enthusiasm and experience inspire confidence, and Christoph is a charming and interesting fireside companion. We both unreservedly recommend Bear Mountaineering to anyone wanting guided wilderness travel in western Canada. 

Noni Fenwick-Wilson and Stirling Fraser, Comox BC