Northern BC is like nothing you've ever experienced - big mountains, rich culture & more bears than people!


The ultimate backcountry experience in the mountains of northwestern BC.


A backcountry lodge in Canada that offers all the charm of a European mountain hut - all to yourself!


The view is beyond anything you've ever seen.

What to Bring

What to Bring for Skiing to the Burnie Glacier Chalet

Rental skis, skins, ski crampons, beacons, probes and shovels are available, but we recommend you bring your own as we may not have your size. Your luggage will be weighed and cannot be heavier than 15 kg (33 lb.) excluding skis, snowshoes, or snowboards. Bring ski clothing and a set of comfortable clothes to change into.

You do not need a sleeping bag. Bedding is provided.

Avoid bringing a large ski bag with lots of stuff in it. Those bags are awkward to fit into the Dash-8 airplane that serves Smithers and will be the first to be left behind. Use a small ski bag only, or use Air Canada's plastic wrap.

Please leave your ski bags at the hangar or the hotel. They take up a lot of space and are unnecessary.
Do bring:

Large day backpack (at least 30 litres) and duffel
2-3 sets ski underwear -merino or poly, no cotton!
3-4 pairs of socks
2 light fleece sweaters
1 pile or fleece jacket
1 shell jacket with hood (water resistant and breathable, hard or soft shell)
ski pants and gaiters if necessary - most ski pants have built-in gaiters now

insulated overpants
light down jacket or puffy
personal first aid kit and medications
glacier sunglasses
ski goggles
warm hat or toque, balaclava
sun hat, sun protection for skin and lips
good warm ski gloves, thinner gloves for climbing, warm mitts
thermos bottle
map and compass (optional, 1: 50,000 93 L/5 Burnie Lake, a 1:25,000 map is available at the lodge and
at Interior Stationery in Smithers), camera
toothbrush, sponge, soap etc.
slippers or camp booties, snow boots
casual clothes for wearing at the chalet
skis, skins, ski crampons, ski strap (available)

We recommend that you bring ski crampons, particularly if you come after the middle of March.
We have some available, but not for all bindings and sizes.

harness (available), 1 locking carabiner (available), 1 normal carabiner
transceiver, probe, shovel (available)
ski mountaineering boots
light ice axe (available)


We loved our course and the entire trip. Sensational views, excellent chalet, highly trained and informative guides, Molly's superb cooking and all that powder.

We have lived in Smithers for 14 years, have travelled the world, and all this time, since 2001, this gem of an experience was right on our doorstep. We will be back a lot more often. We enjoyed the chalet and really appreciated the course, patience and tips we received from Christoph and Lucas. The last time we had someone preparing food for us that was this good was nearly 30 years ago, in a camp where Molly's mother was the cook. Thank you for an amazing experience.

Sandy M and Karin B, Smithers