A culturally modified tree along the trail from lake to lodge.


The view is beyond anything you've ever seen.


The ultimate backcountry experience in the mountains of northwestern BC.


It's big. Much of it is alpine and glaciated. It appeals to stronger skiers.


Business Services

  • World Wide Chalet Rentals
    This website allows you to search for chalets world wide and deal directly with the owners.
  • Coffee Web development
    Do you like the look and feel of this site? It is maintained by Phil Brienesse. Just one of the many fine services we have available in the Bulkley Valley. By the way, they'll work for people from outside too.

Mountain Guiding

  • Last Frontier Heli-Skiing
    Last Frontier has explored the vast ranges that bound Ningunsaw Pass in northwestern B.C. for the last twelve years. They have built a beautiful little village, an oasis in the wilderness along Highway 37. Their guides' team is second to none and I can fully recommend them.
  • On Top Mountaineering
    Joerg Wilz lives and operates out of Canmore in the Rocky Mountains. He is an outstanding mountain guide and if you want to go to the Alps with a Canadian guide, he is your man.
  • Skyward Mountaineering
    Vince Anderson's name is connected with incredible exploits in the great ranges of the world. He has been awarded the Piolet d'Or for those achievements. Vince also sometimes guides at Burnie, which is an honour for me.
  • Amiskwi Lodge
    A lodge near Yoho Park offering self-guided and self-catered trips.
  • Battle Abbey
    One of the earliest and most famous lodges in British Columbia, Battle Abbey was built by the late and great Hans Gmoser and is operated by his son Robson.
  • Blanket Glacier Chalet
    Self-guided, guided, catered, self-catered - this lodge offers it all.
  • Boulder Hut
    There is history here! Renaissance man Art Twomey and his wonderful partner Margie Jamieson built this lodge before many people thought about them. Still going strong with the Yanceys!
  • Callaghan Country Wilderness
    This is the Sheraton, Ritz and Hyatt of the lodge world. And very close to Vancouver, with great skiing and cross-country skiing.
  • Campbell Icefield Chalet
    On the west side of the Rockies, this area has both snow, terrain, and a comfortable lodge.
  • Dave Henry Lodge
    A simple, rustic, beautiful log lodge near Valemount.
  • Dezaiko Lodge
    Dezaiko is our nearest neighbour, a mere 400 km away to the southeast in the snowy northern Rockies.
  • Golden Alpine Holidays
    Here is the largest hut-to-hut operation in British Columbia. The three lodges in the Esplanade Range were joined by Sentry Lodge to make four!
  • Ice Creek Lodge
    Nelson, Selkirk Mountains, Valhallas: a great combination.
  • Icefall Lodge
    Another combo: the well known Icefall Lodge has been joined by Canada's highest lodge, the new Lyell Hut.
  • KMH - Mount Carlyle Lodge
    In the Kokanee Range, with a long history.
  • Mistaya Lodge
    Just west of the divide, and its famous Wapta traverse, sits Mistaya on the snowy side of the Rockies. A very comfortable lodge.
  • Mount Assiniboine Lodge
    Welcome to the first, the authentic Rockies lodge, run reliably by the Renners.
  • Powder Creek Lodge
    A great variety of terrain, and a beautiful lodge.
  • Purcell Mountain Lodge
    Here is a true luxury lodge in the Purcell Mountains, with mostly gentle terrain and incredible views.
  • Selkirk Lodge
    Big terrain. Wonderful food. Guided and catered.
  • Selkirk Mountain Experience
    This operation personifies ski mountaineering in Canada: big alpine terrain, and the dedicated guiding family that makes it accessible.
  • Sol Mountain Touring
    Famous tree skiing in the southern Monashees.
  • Sorcerer Lodge
    Knowing Tannis Dakin will make you want to be at Sorcerer. She is its soul. It also has great skiingterrain!
  • Talus Lodge
    High up near Mt Assiniboine in the Canadian Rockies.
  • Valhalla Mountain Lodge
    I have to admit - I get confused with the lodges down in the Kootenays! This one is famous for its tree skiing, and is ably run by Leo Jansma.
  • Valhalla Mountain Touring
    Jasmin Caton and Evan Stevens run this great lodge in the Kootenays.
  • Valkyr Adventures
    A great variety of terrain, guided and self-guided trips.
  • Wells Gray Adventures
    Three lodges in beautiful, remote Wells Gray Park.
  • Whitecap Alpine
    Here is our other neighbour, 500 km south. They are north of Pemberton in the Coast Mountains - need I say more?
  • Bergimpuls Herbert Bruckmaier
    My friend Herbert Bruckmaier runs Bergimpuls, a small guiding company based in Regensburg, Bavaria. I can fully recommend him for any trips in the Alps.
  • Alpin Sport Thomas Stephan
    Thomas Stephan and I worked together in the Alps for many years. He runs Alpinsport out of Baden-Baden in the Black Forest, but of course ranges all over the Alps. I can fully recommend him.
  • James Blench
    James is a guide's guide: a wealth of experience in the Rockies and around the world, and professional to the core. I am proud to be working with him.
  • Globo Alpin
    Our South Tyrolean friends and colleagues know what is good. They like to come skiing with us, and we are happy to recommend them for your trips in the Alps.
  • Island Alpine Guides
    Cliff Umpleby and Jan Neuspiel have struck out on their own after many years working in most aspects of mountain guiding. They concentrate on their home mountains on Vancouver Island, but will take you wherever your sense of adventure takes you.
  • Skeena Heli-Skiing
    Giacum Frei, a Swiss-Canadian (or is it Canadian-Swiss?) mountain guide, operates Skeena Heli Skiing in the wonderful ranges around the upper Kispiox River and in the Sicintine and Shelagyote Ranges. Based in the beautiful Bearclaw Lodge, this is one of British Columbia's finest new heli ski ventures.
  • Backcountry Lodges of BC
    Is the week you wanted to book full? Check this new site that showcases all the lodges in B.C. that have formed a professional association. High standards and good skiing are guaranteed everywhere.

Other Outdoor Activities

  • Outdoor trainer
    Klemens Brysch offers a unique set of coaching skills. We are happy to work with him.
  • Cat Skiing
    The Cat Skiing Directory provides snowcat powder skiers with the best operator information for cat skiing in Canada and the United States. Get up-to-date snow reports from the Cat skiing Directory and plan your cat skiing vacations with us online.
  • World Climb
    This site lists guides, accommodation and gear throughout the world.

Thanks Christoph for a few days of great adventures, saunas, erudite conversation and great food.

Andre Kovacs, Vancouver, BC