There are many terrain options including tree skiing.


It's big. Much of it is alpine and glaciated. It appeals to stronger skiers.


A backcountry lodge in Canada that offers all the charm of a European mountain hut - all to yourself!


Northern BC is like nothing you've ever experienced - big mountains, rich culture & more bears than people!

Expeditions, Hikes & Treks

The mountains change dramatically in the summer. Creeks rush, flowers bloom, animals move. There is wonderful mountain hiking on at Burnie on the trails we built into the alpine. But we also go further afield: Treks through the magic volcanic high deserts of Mount Edziza. Crossing high passes in the Saint Elias Mountains on the Donjek Route. Traversing the lovely Babine Mountains just outside Smithers. And we climb those high peaks under which we ski in the winter. Howson and Kitnayakwa Peaks are high quality alpine objectives.



Expeditions, Hikes & Treks Expeditions, Hikes & Treks

Babine Mountains Traverse

Traverse the valleys and ridges of the Babine Mountain Range from Silver King basin to Harold Price cabin. Mountain goats, moose and marmots also roam these mountains. We may see them on our journey. This is our easiest non-technical trek, but rewarding nonetheless. This will be scheduled on demand. Please contact me.

Donjek Route in Kluane Park, Yukon

A demanding ten day trek over high passes through the tundra burning red in fall colours, with the icy giants of the Saint Elias Mountains behind.

Howson & Kitnayakwa Peaks

In Canadian climbing history, the Howson Range has long haunted peoples’ imaginations. Remote and big, with a tragic first ascent.

Mount Edziza Traverse

Trek through the mysterious volcanic plateaus, flying from Dease Lake into Buckley and out of Mowdade Lake.

Weesxanist Peak

The highest point in the magnificent Seven Sisters.

Summer mountaineering course

The Howsons are a wonderful place to learn mountain skills. Good trails lead to treeline and rock and ice are near. The lodge is a comfortable and secure place with warm beds and good food.

We loved our course and the entire trip. Sensational views, excellent chalet, highly trained and informative guides, Molly's superb cooking and all that powder.

We have lived in Smithers for 14 years, have travelled the world, and all this time, since 2001, this gem of an experience was right on our doorstep. We will be back a lot more often. We enjoyed the chalet and really appreciated the course, patience and tips we received from Christoph and Lucas. The last time we had someone preparing food for us that was this good was nearly 30 years ago, in a camp where Molly's mother was the cook. Thank you for an amazing experience.

Sandy M and Karin B, Smithers